About me

I come from Jihlava, the metropolis of the Vysočina region, lying on both sides of the former land border between Moravia and the Czech lands.

Since the age of five I studied the piano at music school. Gradually all the music teachers there noticed I liked to improvise and they started to encourage me in this activity. My organ teacher, who was also a composer, discussed with me my first own little compositions. He liked them a lot and he suggested I studied musical composition. My parents were not entirely happy as they wanted  me to be solely devoted to playing the piano. Basically, they had different ideas about my future. And so, instead of playing the organ, I secretly started to study musical composition.

In 2008 I passed the Brno Music Academy  entrance exam – a specialisation in piano. Already in my second year at the academy I also started studying composition. This has proved to be a fateful decision.  I am still studying musical composition at the moment, this time at HAMU in Prague, where I have been since 2013.

In fairy tales it is fairy godmothers who determine one’s path through life. In my case it was however three exceptional music teachers and composers. At music school it was Mgr. Petr Šandera, at the Brno Music Academy it was MgA. Pavel Novák, PhD. and at HAMU in Prague it was professor Ivan Kurz. They have shaped me throughout my life and have gradually initiated me into the secrets of musical composition.

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